Whether you have lately discovered that you have HIV or have known for a while, you might have major queries about the initial HIV treatment. You might have also heard about HIV treatment – also called as Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) – or know somebody else who is undergoing it. People on ART take a blend of HIV medications (called as HIV regimen) each day.

We have medical distributers who offer best HIV medicines that works by keeping the HIV level in your body at the lowest (i.e., your viral load). This lets your immune system recuperate and stay strong. By keeping your viral load low, it also assists in preventing HIV from being passed on.

With best healthcare and treatment medicines from our medical distributers, many people with HIV are breathing just as long as people who don’t have HIV.

You can sustain good relationships, work or study, make fun plans, to have a family – in short do whatever you would have done prior to your HIV diagnosis.
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