The hearing aid suppliers feature widex hearing aids for all types of hearing loss. Let us uncover your requirements and explore how the hearing aid suppliers deliver products and solutions that can help you.

Widex hearing aids already endow you with the best sound clarity and effective ways of staying connected to the world around you. Widex hearing aids focus on speech understanding, convenience and user-friendliness, and are custom-made to give you the hearing experience you desire. There are two key types of widex hearing aids available: those that fit behind the ear and those that fit in the ear. The choice of hearing aids that are just right for you is emphasized on your lifestyle, ear shape and hearing needs.

Hearing aids that "fit behind the ear”

  • Powerful sound
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Color personalization
  • Medium to severe hearing loss

Hearing aids that “fit in the ear”

  • Small and discreet
  • Easy to handle
  • Made to fit your ear
  • Mild to medium hearing loss

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