When you wear Invisible Hearing Aids, you can feel confident that people are watching you and not your hearing loss problem. Invisible Hearing Aids are placement in the ear canal which facilitates it to remain completely hidden and capture sound from the outer world naturally for remarkably clear sound feature, even in the most difficult listening environments.

Wherever you go, Invisible Hearing Aids goes, while remaining ‘out of sight’ and ‘out of mind’. Thanks to its special extended-wear technology, durable battery, and wetness protection, Invisible Hearing Aids provides brilliant sound quality in several hearing environs – from the shower, to the football ground, to the meeting room – and it does so unnoticeably, 24/7 for you.


  • Tailored for you.
  • Completely invisible in both ears.
  • The advanced noise reduction and speech understanding systems strengthen meaningful sounds—such as speech—while dropping unwelcomed background noise.
  • The sound compression technology distinguishes soft speech from loud for a more improved and original sound quality.
  • Best industry feedback removal technology makes buzzing and whistling hearing aids a bygone history.
  • The invisible hearing aids have revolutionary water- and wax-repellent humidity protection system, that improve the dependability of your hearing aids.

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