Things you need to know about Diabetes Medicines

What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a condition where the quantity of blood glucose is too high, as the body cannot consume it correctly. This is because your pancreas does not create any insulin or does not have enough insulin, to assist glucose to penetrate your body cells or produced insulin does not work correctly.

What is the work of diabetes medicines?
The High blood sugar level or the high blood glucose level can result in multiple health problems. These problems can comprise heart disease, kidney disease, digestive problems, and tooth and gum problems to name a few. By managing your blood glucose levels, you can manage multiple health problems.

It’s mandatory for a diabetic person to choose their food carefully. If you can’t manage the blood glucose by eating healthy food and exercise, you may require diabetes medicines. Medicines are given according to the type of diabetes you have, your health condition and your schedule. What diabetes medicine do, they help to check your blood sugar to normal level. The Blood sugar level is decided by your doctor.

If your blood sugar level is not on target then you might need to alter our diet in order to take care of your diabetes.
What you eat?
When you eat?
How much you eat?
How much exercise you do?
The type of diabetes medicines you take

What happens to blood glucose level in diabetic people?
Level of blood sugar in people suffering with diabetes goes up and down right through the day and night. High blood glucose levels can result in apparent heart disease and other health problems. Low blood sugar level can make you feel shaky or pass out. Nevertheless, you can learn how to make sure your blood glucose levels keep on target, without being too high and too low.

What makes your Blood sugar level go high?
Multiple aspects can make your blood sugar level go high
Eating more than usual
No exercise
Not taking medicines properly
Living Under stress

What makes your blood sugar level go low?
Diet is less than usual
Miss a meal or eat later than usual
Exercising more than usual
Drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach

Measuring blood sugar levels periodically is necessary to stay healthy if you are suffering from diabetes. Using Blood sugar monitoring devices is the easiest method to have a report of your blood sugar. Pharmaceutical medicine suppliers and distributors in Mumbai offer advanced range of Accu-chek blood glucose monitoring system. This device is portable and easy to use, with a capacity to hold data up to 30 days. Pharmaceutical medicine suppliers distributors in Mumbai offers an extensive range of Diagnostic devices that include Apap & Cpap sleep apnea Machine, Digital 3 Channel Ecg Machine, Pulse Oximeter, Contour Plus, Accu Chek active strips.

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