Need For Audiovisual Materials

Audiovisual materials are necessary in a collection for several reasons:
To meet the requirements of the people with disabilities act (visually and reading impaired people are likely to live in your community);
To provide people with audio books and music for listening enjoyment;
To provide appropriate materials to people who require graphical displays for better comprehension (more than 90% of us are visual learners);
To offer people motion pictures that can be used for learning and entertainment;
To provide people with access to globes, maps (especially local ones), musical scores, and games in support of educational and recreational pursuits.

What is Audiovisual Equipment ?
While once these materials were considered frills, they are now the real “bread and butter” of many public libraries. These collections, especially audio books and movies, circulate more per item than most sections of the book collection. There is no way to predict the next technology that will dominate the market but this section provides some general selection criteria for audiovisual materials that should help ease the decision-making process. Selection issues and tools for these formats are also discussed.