Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is extremely painful
Whenever dentist suggests having a root canal treatment to anyone people rather than the treatment itself fear the pain, they are going to experience during the treatment clutch him or her. To be clear root canal treatment is painful, there are no two ways about it. Nevertheless, pain caused by a tooth infection, not because of the root canal treatment, motive of the root canal procedure is to eradicate the pain whereas a root canal procedure on its own is painless. Anesthesia numbs the tooth as well as the surrounding area of the tooth. Many people are reluctant to get root canal treatment because of the pain.

Tooth nerves are detached
A common misconception among people is that they think after the root canal, they won’t feel any pain in the treated tooth. And it’s very far from the truth. Sure tooth will no longer be responsive hot or cold food as well as beverages. Nevertheless, after the treatment area around the tooth can get sensitive, at this point your dentist can prescribe a medicine to decrease inflammation.

Why should I get bother about root canal cant I just take my tooth out?
It is not entirely right that tooth extraction is mandatory, in most root canal treatments successfully save the tooth.

I don’t feel any pain I don’t think root canal is necessary
Sometimes tooth that require root canal treatment not cause any pain, but that does not mean the tooth is fine. Your dentist can determine whether pulp in your tooth is damaged or infected. If it is then you have to opt for the root canal. Even if the tooth is not hurting, if you witness something near tooth damaged that look like a pimple then it’s strongly advisable that you should visit your dentist. The normal looking pimple is known as fistula, which is a tunnel of tissue draining pus from an infection. The reason you are not experiencing pain is that fistula keep the pressure form building in the tissue. Nevertheless the infection is must be treated and the tooth almost certainly needs root canal therapy, without treatment or nearby tissues may get damaged.

Root Canal means roots of your tooth or your whole tooth needs to be removed
On the contrary, the point of root canal therapy is to save your tooth. Your tooth and roots are not going to be removed. The canals are cleaned and shaped on the inside only, the nerve tissue and pulp are removed along with some of the within part of the root make certain all the bacteria have been removed.

After root canal I don’t need to visit dentist
After you receive root canal therapy, you need to follow regular appointments to have a permanent filling or crown to put on the tooth. The temporary filling is placed after the pulp has been detached will protect the root from infection for only a short time. A permanent crown must be placed to guarantee bacteria wont leak into the canal.

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