Choosing a right hearing aid for you

Hearing aids are great gift for those who have hearing impairment hearing aid helps to improve your hearing and amplify soft sounds of the background. Hearing aid helps you to interact with the world effortlessly hence it’s important that you choose a perfect hearing aid for you. But if you are apprehensive about the affectivity of hearing aid or how it will look on you then it’s better to have a look at all types of hearing aids. Much speech and hearing care center offer variety of hearing aid based on the requirements of the patients. Professionals from these centers also offer consultancy services to help you to get an ideal hearing aid for you.

Fundamental function of all the hearing aids is the same they carry all the sound from the environment amplify it and carry that in your ear. Price of hearing aid is based on the size, shape, placement of the hearing aid on the ear. Small hearing aid is a basic type of hearing aid. Developers are working to develop smaller hearing aid so that they won’t be noticeable but some time compact size has to make some compromises when it comes to power, hence small hearing aid is may not be as powerful as you want it to be.

CIC hearing aids: CIC hearing aids or completely in the canal hearing aids are designed to fit inside the ear. CIC hearing aids are smallest and practically invisible hearing aids. These hearing aids are powered by small batteries. Hearing aid has a button for volume control.

ITC hearing aid: In the canal hearing aid is developed to partly fit in your ear. This is an effective way to improve hearing loss in the adults. ITC hearing aids have features like they are less visible than any other hearing aids; it doesn’t go in your ear completely and only partly goes in the ear.

In the ear: In the ear Hearing aids are the most common and popularly used hearing aids. These hearing aids are available in two types one that fits on the outer side of your ear and one that fits on the lower part of your ear. These hearing aids include features such as volume control, it easy to control the direction of the microphones; these hearing aids are easier to handle than smaller hearing aids.

BTE Hearing aids: Behind the ear hearing aids can be placed on the top of the ear. These types of hearing aids are suitable for all ages. And it can help with almost any kind of hearing impairment. Behind the ear hearing aids used to come in bulky designs and were easily noticeable. But there are some new designs of mini hearing aids which are almost unnoticeable and called as invisible hearing aids.

Open Fit: Open fit hearing aid allow ear canal open for the low frequency sounds and amplify high frequency sounds. This hearing aid is ideal for people with significant hearing loss. Currently this style of hearing aid is generating more popularity. Most prominent feature of this hearing aid is its less visible it does not need to go inside your ear hence it provides better sound.

Many Speech and hearing impairment centers in Mumbai offer affordable and cheap hearing aids. Today’s latest hearing aids are not bulky and easily perceptible hence you can wear them in the public without being notice.

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