Buying Property At Prime Locations To Multiply Your Investments

Are you planning to buy a property in Mumbai? Those who are looking for luxurious apartments and those who are looking for economical apartments can go straight to Virar. It is one of the suburbs where fast development is taking place. Every year the land value in the region that is located towards the extreme Northern side of Mumbai is increasing on various reasons.

Why property builders concentrate on virar projects?

Virar in Mumbai is a picnic spot and everyone likes to own a residential property near a hot vacation spot. Some of the places in Virar that attracts thousands of people every month include the famous beach Arnala and the great Escape Water Park. Families like to buy residential property in virar as the area can give great fun and enjoyment for kids. Beaches and water theme parks always drive attention of kids. Then one of the oldest monuments, Rajori is situated in Virar. Jivdani temple situated on the top of a mountain is another place that attracts people who worship goddess of harmony Jivdani Devi.

Near to Virar railway station there is a garden, which locals named as Nagarpalika garden. You can watch many rare and beautiful birds in the garden and can have a boating in the lake. Two famous temples of jain community Jain Agashi temple and Mahavir Dham temple are near the national highway.

There are a lot of reasons for a person to buy property in Virar.

Describe the topography of the place?

The land is rich with greenery. With mountains, beaches and lakes you have a feeling of living close to nature. Papadkhandi dam located closed to the suburb transport fresh water to the region. The land is best for cultivation. Banana is cultivated here in large quantity, other than cauliflower and brinjal. Recently a farmer cultivated broccoli, which is a cabbage family member and grows in cool weather conditions, in the Virar region. See, how fertile the soil is?

Real estate and property rates in Virar

The suburb is one of the fastest growing properties in Mumbai. The place is best for middle class and upper class people. Those who have to travel to southern suburbs for business or job purpose can buy property at Virar and reduce the time to reach destinations. Virar station is the one that separates stations like Safala, vaitarna and Vapi from main Mumbai. At present property rate in the region is between 2400 and 4500 Rs per square feet. The residential locations that are in high demand include Viva College Road, Virar Gardens, Yashwant Nagar, Tirupati Nagar, Gokul Township and Yashwant Nagar.

Residential apartments available at present in Virar

SHREE SHAKUN GREENS a 12 storied residential tower within a 10 mins walk from the railway station is under construct. This residential property offers 1BHK and 2 BHK apartments. A beautifully manicured garden, sufficient car parking, neatly designed rooms are some of the highlights. These flats in virar for sale will have 30 meters and 40 meters wide road outside the apartment. The project is scheduled to be completed by next year. The bookings are open. As the property is in the prime location book it as early as possible to avoid any booking difficulties in future. The benefit of booking it today is you can see the development of construction in front of your eyes.

Things to check before buying a property

Before purchasing a property you should check basic things like:-

  • Check price of the land in the area where you are planning to buy a property. By checking it and comparing it with the property you are going to buy will help in deciding whether it is wise to invest in the property, or are you in the right direction.
  • Check whether the documents of sales are original and valid.
  • Check whether any bank will give loan for the property. Hiring a property valuer will help in calculating the worthiness of the property.
  • Check whether you are paying for carpet area, built up or super built up area.
  • Do not try to save stamp duty charges; it may invite troubles in the future.
  • Some of the important documents to be checked before giving the token advance are society NOC, electricity connection statement and bill, property tax receipt, maintenance receipt and floor plan details.
  • Property located in a place that is developing at a fast pace is one of the best investments. In that case, Virar is the best bet.