Audiovisual trends

Today, technology is turning science fiction objects into reality and in 2015, there going to be some revolutionary changes that will transform the industry. We are going to look at upcoming trends in Audiovisual category, through this category is important but it often get overlooked. Today these equipments are turning out to be trendsetters for other gadget categories also. These gadgets not only upgrade themselves by boosting more power but also enhance the appearance and design.

4K Technology: In just the nick of time we get hit by this juggernaut called 4k. Unlike other technologies, 4K in India gets introduced relatively early compare to other occasions. Various manufacturers offer low cost options for 4K display as well as 3D display. Content needs to be specifically created for this technology, hence to see the full potential of the technology we yet have to wait a little bit more, however trend of 4K display is going to stay for a long time. The only factor which is restricting 3D technology from prospering is the compulsion of wearing glasses. There are displays, which were introduced recently which don’t need glasses for you to enjoy 3D viewing. Once this technology gets its momentum, our standard 2D TV will get obsolete.

Projection Mapping: Projection mapping also known as reality and video mapping. Technology can turn objects into display for video projection. This technology can be used by specialized software as 2D or 3D objects spatially in the virtual program. That tries to impersonate real environment. Software can interrelate with projector to fit any wanted image onto whichever object.

Wireless products: Not only consumers, but technology is also eager to go wireless. Nevertheless, reliability of wireless objects always been a big issue for manufacturers as well as consumers. Moreover, recently we have witnessed multiple successful transactions to the wireless technology, and as more companies are focusing on the usability of wireless technology. This trend is going to get big in the coming years.

Lamp less Projectors: A Projector is a vital part of the dedicated audiovisual environment. However, replacing the old projector lamp is a major setback in buying a projector. Lamp tends to blow out if you don’t have line back projector. Projector light need to be replaced in every six months and due to its cost its not feasible to replace lamps easily if you are not utilizing it for the commercial purposes. To eradicate this problem laser based projectors are the best option. As laser, projectors don’t necessitate a bulb to project images. Moreover, these new projectors compatible with the modern technology such as 4k videos etc.

Managing content: Transferring content from one device to another has come as a blessing for the users are the consumers welcomed this trend warmly. Nevertheless, there are still multiple barriers that are needed to overcome. To make this possible AV and information technology need to work as a single department as a substitute of different groups. Currently AV is utilizing LAN to shift content. By allowing these two components to use the same infrastructure and same network, seamless content managing is possible.

LED: LED or light emitting diode are used heavily utilized for the outside advertisement as well as destination signs for the public transport vehicles. Over the time LED become thinner, lighter and flexible. Hence, it became more cost effective over the years. We will persist LED for indoors and outdoors. It brought an element of novelty to him tired and one-dimensional signs. It’s safe to say in the coming years all lights are going to get reinstated with LED panels.