Android Apps Development Training

Android is an operating system based on Linux specifically designed for the mobile devices such as touch screen, smart phones and tablet computers. Android is now a part of Google family and is a chief app store. The android is now an open source and is widely popular among the smart phone users. There are several versions of android and these versions are named after food items such as ice cream, gingerbread, honeycomb, etc. Today android is considered the most popular operating system and is widely used by some of the major phone manufacturers.

Android is the hottest in the market for several reasons. Android phones or the smart phone with android apps enables its user to browse and tweet while listening to a song. Android apps development provides easy access to thousands of applications through Google android app market. The Google manic or the loyal Google users can stay in touch with their favorite Google site. Android supports the installation of a modified ROM for better view. The mobile phones with android apps gives access to a variety of settings rapidly. Android apps are finding use in all major fields such as health& fitness, lifestyle, travel, utility, etc.

Realizing the importance of android in the market, several institutions are offering android apps development training program. The android development classes are designed for the students and working professionals who are interested to fuel their career in the mobile platform. To pursue android courses students are required to have prior knowledge of Linux or Java or both. Since android is spreading worldwide rapidly so android as a career is sure to help android trainees bag lucrative job opportunities. Several top companies have started using the android apps to promote their business to a new level especially the mobile companies. Android as career is challenging and interesting as well.

The android training course is mostly 2.5 months program and a lot depends on the understanding power of the individual. The module in android training starts with Java concept & SQL followed by introduction to android, structure applications and so on. The students or Java programmers can easily grab the android apps development cycle and head start with great confidence in this new niche. Android apps development training is also suitable for the freelancers who aspire to knock the perspective mobile market. Every now and then, a new android based device is being launched so android job opportunities are increasing in the market.

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