Road Transport Services.

Galagali mart is a platform which provides company that deals in transportation industry and logistic services. Transportation of Goods of all size and type is an integral part of the organization. They provide cost-effective logistics solutions that meet transport needs of Businesses.

Logistic solutions via road network are provided to metro, urban and rural areas across India. They have myriad of vehicles in their fleet, these include trucks, trailers and solely owned vehicles. Fleet also includes forklifts, cranes as well as material handling equipment.

    A note on the quality standard:

  • All the deliveries are safe and on time.
  • All the vehicles are tested against pollution control.
  • All the heavy goods vehicles are checked for the roadworthiness test.
  • Almost all the vehicles are laced with GPS device and can be tracked in real time.
  •  They fulfill with the road transportation policies as mentioned in the National Transportation Guidelines.

    The ODC expertise lies in:

  • Heavy Machineries.
  • Rail/ Metro Coaches.
  • Infrastructure Material.
  • Heavy-duty Cranes.
  • Project Transportation

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