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Big Ben Engineering began to manufacture moulds and dies for the shoe industry. Quickly making’ a name for itself because of superior quality, Bigben began supplying to the quality conscious com¬panies like Bata, Carona, Swastik shoes etc.

Expanding its product line, Bigben soon began to manufacture PVC scooter grips (only one in the country to do so) in place of rubber grips as prevalent in the market then Bajaj scooter soon began to source scooter grips directly from Bigben.

Sensing a need for quality printing machines in the country, the company decides to get into the highly specialized manufacturing of printing machines. Mr. Salim himself designed the country’s first Flexography Rotary Printing Machine forthe packaging industry.

But everything wasn’t so easy in the beginning. After spending 6 years and Rs. 4.5 lakhs to design and manufacture the first machine, Mr. Salim could manage to sell the first machine, (to General Packaging, Madras) for Rs.1.2 lakhs in 1974. To make this machine Mr. Salim had borrowed heavily and had even mortgaged his house. “The next six months were most trying time in my life,” remembers Salim bhai as he is fondly called, “after putting in my heart, soul and money into this project, I couldn’t even breakeven.” Subsequent six months he proved his mettle once again by working 24 hours to pay off his debts.

He then built second machine and sold to Marvel Industries, Mumbai, which was a great success.

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6 colour Flexographic Rotary Printing Machine
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Rotogravure printing machines
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Rotogravure Rotary Printing Machines
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Flexographic machines
Flexographic printing machines

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