Security Detective Courses in India

Detective is a person on a police force , whose work is investigating and trying to resolve crimes against people and property . Police detectives keep an eye on criminals activities , build sources of information , and help in the arrest of criminals . Detectives use advanced techniques and resources , such as computers and elaborate communications systems , to prevent and fix crimes ranging from shoplifting to mass murder . Detectives work long and irregular hours during the course of some investigations . Their hours include nights , weekends and public holidays . At times , they may need to be on call .

Educational Qualifications:
The courses on private investigation are:
One year Diploma Course in private investigation
Degree and Diploma courses on Criminology and Forensic sciences also help people to choose this profession.

Personal Skills:

Professional Detectives usually are a part of our fantasy world. But exceptionally enough, private detectives have turn out to be connected to a large extent with our everyday lives these days . Situations like the deterioration of industrial security conditions, spouse extramarital affairs as well as other domestic problems are hiring for more and more security and detective personnel. Since it is a growing industry the requirement for properly trained individuals is increasing by the day. There are education institutes that offer private detective courses in India.

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