Rental Power Solution

The power sector in our country has not kept pace with a fast growing economy. We just get promises form our minister every time that there would be 24 hrs power supply soon, but all in vain. For the sake to win the election their words has never changed into action so far. Though developed cities are fortunate to benefit the power supply with least hours of power fluctuation but there are regions that still run on lamps and candles. While rest other countries have reliable electricity supplies, it may take year for our country to get it implemented. Hence people just worry how to expand their business under such circumstance based in Mumbai or across may go for the rental power solution.

There is a constant need for power supply by more than thousands of customers for both residential and industrial purpose. Purchasing generators is a costly proposition hence renting power generation appears to be most attractive option. Rental power solution by Modern Hiring Service Mumbai support several industries such as engineering, IT, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and automobile with temporary power generation equipment. Modern Hiring Service is a dependable name in rental power solution. They supply generator as well as soundproof DG Sets on hire at inexpensive rate. The service provider caters an extensive range of power generating sets right from 15KVA to 2000KVA.

Modern Hiring Service Mumbai rent diesel generator sets as well as gas generator sets. Their diesel generator set ranges from 15 KVA to 2000 KVA while the gas generator set is within 525 KVA-625 KVA. The diesel generator sets are compact and light weight thus optimizing your valuable space. With the least noise level these generator sets are best referred to as silent power generator also CPCB certified for emission compliance. These diesel generator set operate at a very low cost since they are designed to work together to maximize efficiency. The rugged and reliable DG Sets are designed, manufactured and tested by the Cummins India. Thus such DG Sets have come with the single source power assurance. Besides this they also have soundproof DG Sets covered with acoustic insulation to ensure a noise free environment. The acoustic enclosures even have the potential to high temperature and all climatic conditions.

The Cummins natural gas generating set based on latest technology provide high performance, low emission and greater load bearing capacity. Benefits of using such gas generator are as follows- environment friendly, low noise level, proven reliability and durability, national wide service network, single window after sale support round the clock, extended oil change period and lower operating cost.
Getting a rental power generator is more convenient as opposed to purchasing one. The cost is reduced due to its fixed term usage and being portable transfer of generator would not be a problem at all. Customer satisfaction being the primary aim Modern Hiring Services is the most sensible choice for a wide range of industries all over India.

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